During the bleaching the oxygen, which arises when the carbamide-peroxide dissolves, pierces to the enamel and the dentin and bleaches the discoloured areas. The material does not cause a change in the structure of the tooth, only the colour of the tooth will become brighter.

For "at-home-bleaching" we use less concentrated materials and it takes about 10-12 days to reach the optimal result. The "in-office-bleaching" takes about an hour.

The bleaching method: we put a gel on the surface of the teeth and expose it to a special UV-A lamp with a narrow spectrum for three times 20 minutes. This activates the bleaching material, and the active oxygen in the material cleans the discolouring on the surface and in the deeper layers of the teeth. After this we cover the teeth with a protective layer.

During the process -depending from the patient- a brightening with 6-11 tones and smooth, shining whiteness can be reached. Good oral hygiene and extensive tooth-cleaning -especially after eating and drinking such meals that can discolour your teeth meals - can all help in maintaining the established whiter colour of your teeth for many years.


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